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Need of a Distributor in Improving Your Sourcing Performance


Feiquan Laser Technology Wuxi Co., Ltd. Has been continuously working under latest technologies for the development and existing products and services. As well, we have maintained close-strategi cooperation with renowned manufacturers, universities, and research institutes at home and overseas.

Widely recognized as laser equipment and manufacturing, we have certain product series like laser marker, laser welder, laser cleaning and laser cutter. We recruit distributors who could help customers in finding Chinese laser engraving machines. We give you easy access to valid suppliers specialized on manufacturing and selling pinnacle laser engraving machines or products. This makes ease for the buyers to get items in bulk online at cost-effective prices.

Being a recognized laser equipment and manufacturing company in China, we at Feiquan Laser Technology successfully supply automation systems for new energy automobile, consumer electronics and metal fabrication industries. At present, fiber laser cutting has become a market trend in the general processing industry.

We value products and services, and constantly improve our laser product performance and quality. And we are confident to bring more to the world and make life better. Our very proficient team members continuously work under new technologies development and existing products and services improvement. With proper knowledge of laser optics and sizes, we ensure all standard technologies are available to you at affordable price.

As China manufacturing industries are comprehensive strong and reliable exporters, we bring you together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery are widely used by processing industries. With reliable suppliers and manufacturers, we keep every buyer updated with this competitive industry and latest trends. We recruit distributors to enhance your sourcing performance in the business of manufacturing & handling machinery.

Please do care to select a distributor which meet demanding regulations and complex performance requirements.


We are looking for distributors all over the world. Please see the products we manufacture.


Our main product is as follows:

  • Handheld Laser Welding Machine
  • Robot Laser Welding Machines
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for Metal Plates and Pipes
  • CNC Fiber laser cutting machines for Non Metals and Pipes
  • Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • Enclosed Sealed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Gold Silver Laser Cutting Machine for Jewelry
  • Fiber Laser Marking Machines for Metals and Non Metals
  • 3D Laser Marking Machine
  • Fiber Laser Cleaning machine
  • IPG/ JPT / Raycus laser power

We also provide laser sources and spare parts to the laser machine manufacturers in China and surrounding countries.



Stainless Steel Steel Aluminium, Carbide
Nickel Titanium Cast Iron
Chrome Painted Metal Alloys Multi-Coated Metals
Plastics/Rubber Backlit Buttons Polycarbonate
PVC Composites Many more materials


PER-ORDER (Delivery date: 3~5 days after payment of deposit)

Provide fully installed machine & video training & on-line support


How long can I expect to get the sample?

A: We ensure that the samples could be done within 1-3 days once we receive the sample from your side.


How can I get Machine spare parts?

A:There are two methods. Spare Parts ordered together with the machine, this is the safest way to transport the parts.
The other way is you can inform us when you need to replace the consumables, we will send them to you within 24 working hours.
If you are interest, please donot hesitate and contact asap, we only need one solo agent in one area, the best price and support you will get from us! Let’s work together and make this world better! FeiQuan Laser Technology Co.,Ltd


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