Laser spot welding machine

The laser spot welding machine is specially designed for the repair and spot welding of various jewelry and precision devices in the field of laser welding.

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Laser spot welding is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology.

Laser spot welding machine features

  1. The core part adopts imported ceramic concentrating cavity, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature and long service life;
  2. The world’s most advanced automatic shading system is adopted to eliminate eye irritation during work;
  3. Humanized design, in line with ergonomics, long-term work without fatigue;


Laser spot welding machine application


The equipment can weld gold, silver, platinum, titanium and its alloys, nickel strips and other materials. , communications, machinery, automobiles, military, gold jewelry and other industries.

Max laser power 200W


Rated power 6kw
Max laser wave length 1064nm
Light gathering cavity reflector Imported ceramic


Laser frequency 1-50Hz
Pulse width 0.1-20Ms
Water chiller system 1P refrigeration system
table travel Simple work bench
Observe positioning system CCD/microscope