High Power Rotary Laser Welding Machine

High-power rotary laser welding machine: the welding depth is large, welding is more firm, the welding part can be fully melted without pores and trachoma, and the repair marks are neat and beautiful; it supports burning large molds.

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It is suitable for mobile communication, jewelry crafts, electronic components, clocks, sensors, instruments, precision machinery, hardware, gas car parts, etc., all kinds of metals and alloys.

Features of high power rotary laser welding machine:

  1. Imported ceramic concentrating cavity is adopted, with high reflectivity, strong energy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life;
  2. Equipped with 1.5P special chiller, which can satisfy the long-term, high-power welding with better stability;
  3. The laser head can move back and forth and rotate 180 degrees conveniently, which is convenient for repairing and welding any side;
  4. Remote control all-round control, automatic lifting, 360-degree flexible adjustment of welding angle position, suitable for welding of various molds;
  5. The ergonomic design of the whole machine takes up less space and makes the operation easier;
  6. 7. The base of the load-bearing worktable is electrically lifted and lowered, and the worktable is moved using a precision ball screw and a high-precision straight guide rail, which is light and flexible, and the positioning is precise.

Application of high-power rotary laser welding machine:

It is suitable for mobile communication, jewelry and crafts, electronic components, clocks, sensors and meters, precision machinery, hardware, gas car parts, etc; various metals and alloys.

Parameters of high-power rotary laser welding machine


Model FQ-200W-260 FQ-400W-260
Max laser power 200W 400W
Laser wave length 1064nm
Optical resonator Imported ceramic Double light
Laser frequency 1-20Hz
Pulse width 0.1-10Ms
Spot adjust range 0.3-2mm
Positioning microscope
Water chiller power 1.5P 3P
Rated power 8KW 12KW
Voltage 380V±5V 50Hz/60A /220V±5V 50Hz/40A
3 dimensional loading table route 125×100×300mm
Load bearing 150kg
Electric translation stage route 200*300mm
Dimension/weight hosting:1000×550×1150mm 183kg
1.5Pwater chiller:550×550×850mm 80kg
3P water chiller :800×640×1200mm 127kg
3 dimensional loading table:550×400×700mm 57kg