Boom laser welding machine

The boom type mold laser welding machine is a new type of welding processing method. It is mainly aimed at welding precision parts of thin-walled materials. It can realize butt welding, sealing welding, spot welding, stitch welding, etc.

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The width of the weld is small and the aspect ratio is high. Small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful welding seam, no need or simple treatment after welding, high welding seam quality, no pores, precise control of positioning accuracy, small focusing spot, easy to achieve welding automation.

Features of boom laser welding machine

  1. Flexible adjustment of welding angle position, suitable for welding of various molds.
  2. For large molds, mold welding can be performed directly on the ground or on a forklift without a workbench.
  3. With high-power chiller and high-power laser cavity, the stability is better during long-term, high-power welding.
  4. Equipped with a high-speed liquid crystal light valve filter protection device to protect the welder’s eyes from fatigue due to the flickering of the laser.

Application range of boom laser welding machine

The equipment is widely used in laser cladding, heat treatment and welding in machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, papermaking, metallurgy, ship and port industries. Large-scale roll laser surface texturing production line, large-scale roll laser surface strengthening and other processing.

Product parameters of boom laser welding machine

Model FQ-200W-III FQ-400W-III
Max laser power 200W 400W
Max laser wave length 1064nm
Optical resonator Imported ceramic Double light
Laser frequency 1-20Hz
Pulse width 0.1-10Ms
Spot adjust range 0.3-2mm
Positioning microscope
Water chiller power 1.5P 3P
Rated power 8KW 12KW
Voltage 380V±5V 50Hz/40A /220V±5V 50Hz/60A
3 dimensional loading table route 125×100×300mm
Load bearing 150kg
Dimension/weight host:1000×550×1150mm 103kg
1.5Pwater chiller:550×550×850mm 80kg
3Pwater chiller:800×640×1200mm 127kg
3 dimensional loading table :550×400×700mm 57kg