Automatic wire laser welding machine

It can realize automatic wire welding welding of any plane trajectory, and the welding speed can be adjusted to solve the needs of hardware products that need both welding strength and polished appearance.

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Features of automatic wire-added laser welding machine

  1. Strong anti-interference ability and good stability;
  2. All Chinese special control software, powerful, easy to operate and compatible with various formats of graphics files;
  3. The large-screen operating system can relieve operator eye fatigue and improve work efficiency;
  4. The positioning is more accurate and the welding is more perfect;Application range of automatic wire laser welding machineWelding of metal shells of mobile phones, MP3, MP4 and other electronic products; welding of gold and silver jewelry and welding of precision hardware products.
    Max laser power 200W


    Rated power 6.5kw
    Max laser wave length 1064nm
    Light gathering cavity reflector Imported ceramic


    Laser frequency 1-50Hz
    Pulse width 0.1-20Ms
    Water chiller system 1P /1.5P refrigeration system
    table travel Simple work bench
    Observe positioning system CCD/microscope