Advertising words laser welding machine

Advertising word laser welding machine uses high-energy pulsed laser to weld objects. The xenon lamp is pulsed by the laser power source to form a light wave with a certain frequency and pulse width, which is radiated to the Nd3+:YAG crystal through the concentrating cavity.

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Advertising word laser welding machine features

  1. The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount, the metal change range of the heat affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest.
  2. There is no need to use electrodes, and there is no concern of electrode pollution or damage. And because it does not belong to the contact welding process, the wear and deformation of the equipment can be minimized.
  3. When welding thin or thin wire, it will not be troubled by melting back like arc welding.
  4. The device can be switched to transmit the laser beam to multiple workstations.Advertising word laser welding machine application rangeMainly for metal welding, in addition to welding metal advertising words, other metal parts can also be welded. If the requirements are high, argon gas protection is required to prevent oxidation of the welding part. Weldable products such as: molds, jewelry, hardware, metal sand hole repair, etc.
    Max laser power 200W


    Max laser wave length 1064nm
    Light gathering cavity reflector Imported ceramic


    Laser frequency 1-50Hz
    Pulse width 0.1-20Ms
    Water chiller system 1.5P refrigeration system
    table travel Simple work bench
    Observe positioning system CCD/microscope