Laser Marking Machine

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Feiquan FMF seriesDesktopFiber Laser Marking Machine, 350*350mm marking table available, evenly arranged hole positions, easy to install different workpiece positioning. The fiber laser adopts high-quality light source, stable output optical power, no light leakage, anti-high reflection and other characteristics, digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, to meet the mainstream market application requirements.

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Laser Marking Machine

The fiber laser adopts high-quality light source, with good spot quality, uniform optical power density, stable output optical power, no light leakage, anti-high reflection, etc. Option: Raycus, IPG, JPT, MAX etc;

Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers

The digital high-speed scanning galvanometer is small in size, fast in speed, good in stability, and its performance has reached the international advanced level. Option: SINO-GALVO, SCANLAB etc;

Laser Marking Machine Suppliers

The control system has powerful functions, can perform various data optimization processing according to different processes, supports one-key switching of multiple languages, supports up to 256 color coating management functions, and meets the application needs of most industries in the market.
Open-die die-casting manufacturing lift frame, built-in linear guide, stable structure, simple design. Optional matching parts


  • Low power consumption, small size, the power of the whole machine is less than 800W, the use of air-cooled cooling structure, make the equipment volume is smaller, easy to carry and transport, transport costs are greatly reduced.
  • Optical fiber laser high electro-optical conversion rate, maintenance free, high stability, easy to operate, equipment can be ready to use, laser sealing structure and wind cooling way, save the maintenance of professionals cumbersome.
  • Bar code, two-dimensional code, text graphics, regular and irregular number marking.
  • Deep carving marking, black marking and rotary marking can be carried out.
  • PLT, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats can be supported.
  • Can be customized according to customer needs.


Power 20W 30W 50W 100
Working area 110x110mm(Standard )
Wavelength 1064nm
Repeatability ±0.001mm
Beam Quality <2
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Marking The Minimum Characters 0.3mm/Depending on the material
Engraving Depth ≤0.5mm/Depending on the material is adjustable
Marking Line Width 0.03mm
Galvanometer SINO-GALVO
Laser source Raycus
Main board JCZ
Cooling Air Cooling
Indicate Light Red
Software Support Format Jpg Png Dxf plt(Best fit)
Total Machine Power ≤800W
Voltage AC/220V/50Hz